Your info handy at all times.

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SafeCards holds all of your IDs and cards.
SETUP is a Snap

Point and Scan Cards  with Ease

Scan any document, ID or card

Safety First

Backed by Apple iCloud encryption.  No one — including Apple and SafeCards employees — can see your data.

Protected by Apple iCloud

Sharing is Caring

Share and collaborate with loved ones.  Have your spouses docs handy.  Or collaborate on a child or parent vault with SafeCards Elite.

Share key IDs and cards with loved ones

Ready for Anything

Have key docs in a safe digital store in case of fire, evacuation or other disasters.  No connection required.

SafeCards works offline in case of emergency

My husband and I used to text our drivers license, Costco cards and other documents. Now we have them handy at all times.

Laura Smith

SafeCards User

I can't live without this app!

Jim Hendersen

SafeCards User

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