SafeCards was built with security as our first priority.  To ensure all data in SafeCards was safe we operate under the following principals:

  • SafeCard app does not, will not, and can not share your data with anyone, including its own employees.  Ever.
  • We require your Apple device use the TouchID or FaceID to enter the application.  We do this to ensure that if your mobile device is stolen, your data cannot be accessed.
  • Your data is always encrypted.  As soon as your data is captured in our app the data is immediately encrypted before being stored on your device.  In addition, we leverage Apple’s CloudKit encryption to sync data between your other Apple devices and/or device owned by people with whom you chose to share data.  Apple’s CloudKit framework ensures that the data cannot be read by SafeCards employees or even Apple employees.  Only you can unencrypted your own data.

Guided by the above principals you can trust SafeCards to protect your data with the utmost care. 

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