Where is my data being stored?
Great question. You’ll notice in the App Store in the App Privacy section that we have the unique status “Data Not Collected”. How’s this possible? Your data only lives on your device and in Apple iCloud. Nothing about you or your data ever hits a SafeCard server. In fact, we do not even have servers! Furthermore, data on your device and iCloud is encrypted before it is stored. Should anyone at Apple or anywhere else somehow obtain access to this data, they would not be able to decrypt it.

How do I delete my data?
To fully delete your data, you can uninstall the SafeCards app. This will remove the data from your device. To remove your prior iCloud backups, go into your device Settings > iCloud and look for the SafeCards toggle. Deselect this and your encrypted data will be removed from iCloud as well.

How’s this different from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.?
This is a purpose built app designed only to secure your most sensitive information and to collaborate with your spouse/kids/parents/etc. Without listing every feature we will mention a few important ones: First, you never have to worry about the documents becoming “globally accessible”. There aren’t any options to “Share URL” which can be accessed by anyone. This app was designed to avoid those types of mistakes. Secondly, your data doesn’t exist on our servers. It is only on your device and iCloud and in both cases it is encrypted. Third, we’ve designed the app to never be unavailable. You shouldn’t have to wait for your internet connection to become available to pull out your docs. And finally, our customer is you, the consumer, not advertisers or large enterprises which pull these other businesses in conflicting directions.

Can I get more technical specifics on where the data is stored?
Yes. If you are technically inclined, the exact libraries used for storing and retrieving data are documented here: https://developer.apple.com/documentation/coredata/nspersistentcloudkitcontainer
Apple also provides an overview of iCloud in general here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202303

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